Cell & Gene Therapy Careers

The Future of Medicine is Cell & Gene Therapy

Whether you are focused on commercial growth or operational excellence, Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy is the place for you to grow and thrive.
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Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy, formed through the acquisitions of Paragon Bioservices in 2019 and MaSTherCell in 2020, is focused on manufacturing transformative treatments such as gene therapies (AAV), next-generation vaccines, and oncology immunotherapies such as CAR-T cell therapy. With clinical and commercial development and manufacturing facilities across Maryland, near Houston, TX and in Gosselies, Belgium, our employees are dedicated to keeping customers on the forefront of medical breakthroughs.

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Why is Catalent Cell & Gene Therapy the Right Career Move For You?

  • You can make an impact. The products we manufacture allow our client partners to deliver innovative and potentially life-saving therapies to patients.
  • You have the ability to design your own path by taking advantage of internal resources to develop your professional skills.
  • Your new ideas are welcome. Our company culture encourages the entrepreneurial spirit in each of our employees.
  • You will work alongside some of the best minds in the business in the cutting-edge and rapidly growing fields of cell and gene therapy development and manufacturing.
  • You have access to a strong and comprehensive benefits package and career advancement opportunities