Biologics Careers

Witness the Rapid Progression of the Biologics Industry

Catalent Biologics is a rapidly growing piece of our business which creates advanced treatments stemming directly from living organisms, such as genes, cells and tissues to help improve the way a patient’s body and immune system respond to illnesses and health challenges.
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Our employees are focused on utilizing advanced technologies and providing innovative solutions to help deliver biologic treatments and gene therapies to patients quickly and reliably. We have careers available in areas ranging from R&D and engineering to manufacturing and quality throughout our sites in the U.S. and Europe.  

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Why is Catalent Biologics the Right Career Move For You?

  • You are eager to join the fastest growing piece of the Catalent business. We are rapidly growing and making significant investments in our people and our capabilities.
  • You strive to make an impact. The products we manufacture include some of the latest life-saving treatments used by patients or hospitals every day.
  • You want to take your career to the next level. People joining our team will have significant opportunities to grow their career as our business continues to grow and expand.
  • You have a thirst for knowledge. Joining Catalent will provide you with unparalleled experience, working alongside and learning from industry experts.